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It is important that the term ‘world-class’ also takes into consideration the social and environmental responsibility of a product and experience, and is proud to highlight golf courses in its portfolio which have achieved the most respected and internationally-acclaimed accolade of sustainability in golf – GEO Certified.

GEO Certified is awarded to golf facilities which credibly demonstrate their commitment to fostering nature and conserving resources – and who support their local communities – and who continually improve on an ongoing basis. The GEO Certified distinction is assured and managed by the GEO Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and recognising sustainability in, and throughout, golf. The GEO Certified mark is awarded in accordance with the highest credibility standard set out by ISEAL, an alliance of other trusted certification marks including Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance. As a sport with the deepest connections to the natural environment, golf has clear reasons to step out ahead, visibly and confidently as a sustainability leader. By doing so in a proactive manner, golf will be able to enhance its image, improve opportunities for further growth and development, and protect itself from real risks such as availability of resources, regulation and climate.

As many world-class golf courses showcase, sustainability is directly connected to playing quality and the quality of the golfing experience, so it is also highly relevant to golfers, and especially the next generation, as it could be a tremendous opportunity – and potentially even a game changer for the way in which the sport is perceived, supported and enjoyed in the future. With more existing facilities, tournaments and new developments around the world becoming involved in golf’s sustainability movement, we are seeking to give credible leaders the profile they deserve, and to encourage others to join the sustainable golf community.

Photo: Le Golf National course manager, Alejandro Reyes (left) and general manager Paul Armitage (right) receive their GEO Certified award from Jonathan Smith, GEO executive director.

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