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Opportunities to partner with are available to prestigious brands that wish to be associated with ‘world-class’ golf destinations, and high-wealth golfers who aspire to play the best golf courses in the world.

A truly world-class portfolio of golf courses, destinations and resorts needs to boast a global audience, and through its sister publication – Golf Management – is the first such collection of premier golf clubs that has been able to deliver on this promise. With a readership of over 37,000, Golf Management is read from the US to Japan, and from Australia to Europe, and through our existing network of media partners, the reach of is unparalleled.

With an established reputation for publishing quality golf publications, joins a portfolio which is respected by clubs and suppliers from within the industry – and around the world – enhancing the credibility of your brand.

With an established presence on the world’s largest digital publishing platform – Issuu – all editions of are available to read online. In addition, the printed hard copy of is distributed annually to golf clubhouses throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Why partner with the world’s best?

A Partnership with will attract high-wealth golfers to your brand, the same golfers who aspire to play the best golf courses in the world.

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As a world-leader in golf, Toro is a brand that many ‘world-class’ courses rely on, so it made sound commercial sense to partner with

Barry Beckett
Senior Marketing Manager, The Toro Company