Royal Palm

Marrakech, Morocco

There are very few places that combine the luxury of spaciousness with simplicity, availability and discretion. With the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and snowy peaks in the background, the 18-hole golf course at Royal Palm covers 75 hectares of natural space offering a true commune with nature. The golf course was designed by American architect Cabell. B. Robinson, who closely observed the environment and landscape, taking into consideration the Wadi river that runs through the area, every tree and every hill, combining all the shapes and hues of a generous nature, to create a respectful course bordered by bougainvillea and oleanders. The warm rays of the setting sun provide the final touch to this perfect picture of authentic Morocco.

The 1,500 sqm Country Club has panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains and offers a modern, yet relaxed atmosphere with first class amenities. It naturally boasts a host of facilities that reflect the high standards associated with course, including dining areas (Le Sabra and Legends’ Bar), the most exquisite ladies and gents changing facilities and a golf shop that provides the finest in golfing attire. An exclusive exercise and yoga room as well as a half sized Olympic swimming pool are also available.

The golf instruction program at the Royal Palm will help you improve your game, with classes and guidance available and delivered by fully qualified golf professionals. It can be arranged for beginners and professionals, on all aspects of the game. For kids showing interest at an early age, junior golf lessons are offered to help develop essential basics and simple concepts in a fun, safe and engaging environment.

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